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Now all content is aligned to the Common Core State Standards
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Learning Resources

• Thousands of media-rich learning activities at your fingertips
• All resources tied to your state’s academic standards or common core state standards
• Browse and quickly target resources by grade, subject, or key word
• Instructional and practice activities in video, interactive, or printable format
• Watch the Learning Resources for Educators video
• Watch the Learning Resources for Families video

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Study Guides

• Self-paced, targeted instruction and practice
• Activities great for review and remediation
• Interactive lessons, quizzes, and real-time feedback
• Study guides in English or Spanish
• Watch the Study Guides for Families video

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Assignment Sheets

• Quickly create assignments targeted for one student or a group
• Choose from thousands of instructional videos, interactive activities, and printable worksheets
• Use our K-12 resources in ELA/Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies
• Easily save and modify for future use, and share with other teachers
• Watch the Assignment Sheets for Educators video
• Watch the Assignment Sheets for Families video


Learning Locator

• Targeted based on your students’ summative assessment scores
• Color-coded priority lists link to dozens of tailored learning resources
• Remediation or enrichment – ready to get students to the next level
• Watch the Learning Locator for Families video


Test Builder

• Thousands of test items organized by grade, subject, and key word search
• Build printable, formative tests of any length
• Reading passages, formula sheets, resource charts, and answer keys
• Easily save, modify, and share your tests with colleagues
• Watch the Test Builder for Educators video


Understand Scoring

• Learn how constructed-response questions are scored
• Review actual student exemplars with scoring annotations
• Practice scoring student papers and review scoring rationale
• Watch the Understand Scoring video


Professional Development

• Prepared unit plans and lesson plans
• Material aligned to state academic standards and common core state standards
• Teacher Guides for high school literature guide you through classic texts
• A growing library of articles and websites on popular education topics
• Watch the Professional Development video



• Great online calculators: 4-function, scientific, and graphing
• Innovative and powerful functionality
• Interactive Writing Tool walks the user through the writing process
• Watch the Tools for Educators video
• Watch the Tools for Families video