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Additional Features

Personalized Supplemental Instruction for Students, Easily Distributed and Monitored

Perspective™ customers have access at no charge to additional features to aid in teaching and learning. These resources are immediately available through the web, meaning that no special software or hardware installation is needed. And, as with all Perspective services, these resources are aligned with Common Core or your own state’s standards.

Assignment Sheets

The Assignment Sheets feature complements the Learning Locator service by giving teachers the ability to assign additional learning activities to students, groups, or entire classes. Teachers can search Perspective’s Learning Resource Library by topic or standard and create online or print assignment sheets for student use. Assignment sheets are ideal for homework, absences, remediation, and differentiated student groups.


Perspective Screen_Assignment Sheet

Online Calculators

Perspective offers convenient access to four-function, scientific, and graphing calculators. These online tools, available any time from any computer, reduce the need for schools and families to purchase specialized calculators. Students without home computers can access these calculators and the entire range of Perspective’s features from school computer labs, local libraries, and other public computers.


Perspective Screen_Calculators

Test Building Tool

Teachers often want to administer low-stakes testing such as formative or benchmark assessments or even chapter tests and quizzes. With Perspective’s easy-to-use Test Building Tool, teachers can construct their own tests by selecting from a bank of test items that include state-released test items and released NAEP items. They’ll simply search by key word or academic standard, filter the results by difficulty or other characteristic, and arrange them into tests. The system will generate a printable PDF copy of the assessment, along with a separate answer key. 


Screen_Filter the list of test items with your criteria. Preview and select items for your test.

Filter the list of test items with your criteria. Preview and select items for your test.

Professional Development Materials

Perspective offers an ever-growing library of teacher support materials and professional development resources. Our education aids effectively blend academic research with practical application and are available for download and printing. Teachers will find unit plans and lesson plans with sample items listed by grade and subject, teacher guides for the classic texts of high school literature, and other materials. Also at the user’s fingertips are online professional development resources on topics such as the latest in literacy; English language acquisition; effective science, math and reading teaching methodologies; early childhood education; classroom management; leadership; and special education.


Screen_Professional Development materials cover both general and subject-specific topic.
Professional Development materials cover both general and subject-specific topics.