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Resources to help you and your students grow

Teaching is a demanding profession. Perspective helps you meet the challenges with a wide range of tools for enhancing student growth, whether they work at, above, or below grade level. And we have resources to aid in your own professional growth.

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Learning Resources

Perspective puts thousands of media-rich learning activities at your fingertips. It’s easy to browse and quickly target resources by grade, subject, and key word. Choose from instructional and practice activities in video, interactive, or printable format. All Perspective materials are aligned with the new Common Core state standards or your state’s academic standards.

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Assignment Sheets

Perspective lets you quickly assign learning activities to a single student or entire class with Assignment Sheets. Choose from thousands of instructional videos, interactive materials, and printable worksheets for ELA/Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies at all grade levels. Ideal for homework, absences, remediation, and differentiated student groups, Assignment Sheets can be online or printed. And you can easily save and modify them for future use, and share with other teachers locally or statewide.

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Learning Locator

Turn assessment results into a springboard for learning with Perspective. Next to the score for each subject on a student’s state test report is a Learning Locator. Simply enter the Learning Locator at the Perspective website and receive instant access to games, worksheets, instructional videos, and other media-rich learning activities targeted to that student’s assessment profile and aligned with your state’s performance requirements. Effective remediation and enrichment activities are only a click away.

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Test Builder

If you’re looking for a quick way to create chapter tests or quizzes, try Perspective’s easy-to-use Test Builder. Construct your own tests by selecting from thousands of test items all aligned to your state academic standards. Simply search by academic standards and key word, filter the results by difficulty or other characteristic, and arrange them into tests. Test Builder will generate a printable PDF of your test – and an answer key for you. And you can easily save, modify, and share your tests with colleagues.

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Understand Scoring

Need to understand how constructed-response test items are scored? Learn about constructed-response scoring at your own pace, from any computer, with Understand Scoring. Understand Scoring uses images of student papers and audio and video technology to cover a wide variety of assessment situations – and all from your browser or mobile device. Developed by the assessment experts at Pearson, Understand Scoring provides clear, reliable instruction with actual student exemplars, extensive practice opportunities, immediate feedback, and learning verification activities. The system tracks your progress, so you can work at your own speed and jump back in where you left off.

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Professional Development

Perspective offers an ever-growing library of teacher support materials and professional development resources. You’ll find unit plans and lesson plans with sample items by grade and subject, teacher guides for the classic texts of high school literature, and other materials – all aligned to state academic standards and Common Core, and available for download and printing. Other resources, on topics ranging from literacy and English language acquisition to classroom management and education leadership, are accessible any time, anywhere, from Perspective.

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Perspective offers online calculators with innovative and powerful functionality. One click gives you convenient access to standard four-function, scientific, and graphing calculators. These online tools are available any time from any computer, whether in class, at home, or in the library or computer lab. And Perspective’s Interactive Writing Tool walks the user through the writing process in clear and easy steps.

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